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MX-W8504  PAC

MX-W8504 PAC

Qingzhou Jinhao new material Co., LTD
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2023-8-8 164

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1. Scope of application:

Aiming at the problems of sewage SS solids that are small and difficult to settle, heavy in color, and with high anionic charge.

2.Product introduction:

PAC is an inorganic high molecular polymer. It has the characteristics of fast dissolution speed, fast reaction speed, strong adsorption force, and wide applicable water area. It has a fast reaction speed when used in front-end pretreatment of sewage treatment, and it is easy to produce large flocs. When used with a suitable type of flocculant such as polyacrylamide, larger flocs will be formed, which can settle and float faster (air flotation machine).

3. Feature:

· Fast response speed;

·Wide range of use.

4. Scope of application:

Widely used in domestic water, urban sewage and industrial wastewater.

5. Usage:

Dissolve PAC into a 5%-10% aqueous solution with clean water in a dissolving tank, and then continuously add it to the wastewater with a metering pump.