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MX-8506B Composite coagulant

MX-8506B Composite coagulant

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1. Solve troublesome

Wastewater from some industries has heavy color, high COD, and high total phosphorus, which are difficult to solve.

2. Product introduction:

Composite coagulant MX-8506B is a brown liquid composed of multiple elements, including silicon, aluminum, iron and other elements. It has a fast coagulation speed and good decolorization effect, and can more effectively reduce COD and total phosphorus.

3. Feature:

·Liquid use is more convenient;

·Small dosage and quick effect;

·Product performance is stable.

4. Scope of application:

Suitable for urban sewage, industrial wastewater, slaughtering wastewater, breeding wastewater, etc.

5. Usage:

Just use a metering pump to add continuously.