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JH-SA202 defoamer

JH-SA202 defoamer

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1. Product introduction:

This product is a light yellow to light brown semi transparent viscous liquid, mainly composed of hydrophobic components, aliphatic mineral oils, and emulsifiers.


2. Main technical indicators

Appearance: Light yellow to light brown semi transparent viscous liquid

Specific gravity: 0.85-0.90

Dispersibility: After stirring, it can be well dispersed in all materials

Active ingredients: 99.9%

Flash point: > 45 ℃ (closed type)


3. Feature

This defoamer has the characteristics of low dosage, high efficiency, convenient use, long-lasting effect, good universality, and stable storage. It can effectively eliminate foam in various latex paints, emulsified adhesives and other materials without any side effects. It is an ideal defoamer in latex systems. This defoamer can also be successfully used for defoaming in industries such as polyvinyl alcohol based interior and exterior wall coatings, art pigments, printing and plate making, industrial detergents, printing and dyeing, and papermaking.



4.1  If the defoamer is stored for a long time and is found to be layered, it will not affect its use. It only needs to be thoroughly stirred and mixed before use.

4.2  Add defoamer to the material while stirring.

4.3 The defoamer does not need to be diluted with water and can be used directly.

4.4 The dosage should be appropriate, and for different materials, a dosage test should be conducted before use. If the dosage is too high, it not only increases the cost, but also causes problems such as shrinkage, poor brushing ability, and poor recoating ability for the coating. The reference dosage range is: general and high viscosity latex paint (0.3-0.8)%; Low viscosity latex paint and water-soluble paint (0.01-0.3)%; Resin lotion (0.03-0.5)%.

4.5 For latex paint, this defoamer can be added in one go, that is, when grinding and dispersing pigments, it can take effect for a long time. It can also be added twice, namely in the grinding stage and paint mixing stage, and the amount added in each stage can be adjusted independently.


5. Packaging and Storage

Packaging: 25kg and 50kg plastic drums are used for packaging.

Storage: This product should be stored in a cool, ventilated, and dry place.

Storage period: one year.

Storage and transportation of non hazardous materials.