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JH-8201 Mold Release Agent

JH-8201 Mold Release Agent

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1. Product introduction:

JH-8201 mold release agent is a high temperature resistant and efficient mold release agent produced by a special process. It is a slightly blue fluorescent emulsion and has the characteristics of good fluidity, dispersion, small surface tension, easy to flow, high temperature resistance and chemical stability, no chemical reaction with the metal, non-corrosive, non-contamination of the surface of the product and gives a glossy finish, small coating volume and good release effect.


2. Main technical indicators:

Appearance: milky white liquid

PH value: 6-9

Density: 0.97-0.98

Active content: 95%.

Water solubility: evenly dispersed in water, no floating oil, no delamination at 3000 rpm.


3. Scope of application:

This product can be used for mold release of various types of rubber tire products, cement product molds, plastic products, resin products, polyamine products, sponge products, precision shells, mold casting, synthetic fiber spinning processes and plywood.


4. Usage:

Use tap water or deionized water to dilute this product to 1 to 10 times. The specific dilution factor will be determined after testing different products. This product is a water-based system and must be used alone. After dilution, spray or brush evenly on the clean mold surface at normal processing temperature to ensure the demoulding effect and smooth surface of the finished product, and then pour the raw materials into the mold.


5. Packaging and storage:

1) Packing: packed in 50kg, 200kg, 1000kg plastic drums.

2) Storage: stored in a cool place, storage and transportation in 0-30 ℃. It should be protected from explosion, sun and freezing.

3) Shelf life: 12 months at room temperature.