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JH-611 Styrene Acrylic Surface Sizing Agent

JH-611 Styrene Acrylic Surface Sizing Agent

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1, Product introduction:

JH-611 styrene acrylic surface sizing agent is made from the copolymerization of a variety of polymer raw materials for paperboard products. It can effectively combine with starch and give the starch coating good cross-linking strength and hydrophobic properties. It has the characteristics of small addition amount, low cost, good water resistance effect and easy use.

It is widely used in high-strength corrugated paper, paper board, white board paper, cardboard and etc.


2, Main technical indicators:

Appearance: light brown to dark brown liquid           

Solid content: 30 % ±1%

PH value: 2-5                       

Viscosity: <50mpa.s (25oC)

Ionic type: cationic                   

Solubility: easily soluble in water   


3, Feature:

1) Significantly improve the high water resistance and ring pressure strength of corrugated paper, cardboard paper and other paper;

2) It can completely replace the use of sizing agent in the slurry, has no aging period and is not prone to moisture return;

3) It can be used in conjunction with raw starch to reduce sizing costs;

4) It has excellent mechanical stability and produces less bubbles during operation.


4, Usage:

1) Recommended dosage: 2-4kg/ton of paper.

2) When using, when the temperature of the gelatinized starch solution is lowered to below 70oC, the sizing agent can be continuously added to the pipe in front of the gluing pump with a metering pump to mix with the starch liquid. High-speed paper machines can be used for gluing. Adding a static mixer after the pump is more conducive to mixing.                   

5, Precautions:

1) Avoid mixing with starch liquid too early or for a long time.

2) After sizing, the temperature of some drying cylinders ≥105℃ is more beneficial to the sizing effect.


6, Packaging and storage:

1) Packaging: 1000kg plastic drum or can be transported by tanker or flexitank.

2) Storage: Store in a cool place (0-30oC), avoid freezing and exposure.

3) Shelf life: 6 months.