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JH-1216 Dry Strength Agent

JH-1216 Dry Strength Agent

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1. Product introduction:

JH-1216 series dry strength agent is a new product developed by our company using advanced R&D testing instruments and large-scale production equipment. This product is zwitterionic which can be directly adsorbed to pulp fibers and form ionic bonds through the combination of ions, improve the bonding strength between fibers and effectively improve the paper's physical indicators such as tear resistance, folding resistance, tensile strength, and flat compression strength.

It is widely used in cardboard paper, tube paper, paper board, pulp molds, specialty paper, cultural paper, tissue paper, etc.


2. Main technical indicators:

Appearance: Colorless transparent liquid      Solid content: 15%±1%, 20%±1

Viscosity: 3000-10000mpa.s (25℃)           Ionic type: zwitterionic

PH value: 2-6                         Water solubility: easily soluble in cold water


3. Feature:

1) Significantly improve the physical indicators such as bursting strength, folding resistance, ring crush strength of container board paper, tensile strength, stiffness and other paper types of special paper and cultural paper.

2) Improve the retention rate of fine fibers and fillers, improve water filtration performance, improve production efficiency and reduce costs.


4. Usage:

1) Recommended dosage: 8-20kg/t paper; it can also be increased or decreased appropriately according to the needs of the paper type.

2) It needs to be diluted with clean water. The dilution ratio is generally 10-40 times. First add water and add this product slowly and in small amounts while stirring. Continuous addition requires special dilution equipment and connection to the addition point.

3) It is recommended to choose the adding location to add continuously by diluting the inlet pipe of the front slurry pump.


5. Packaging and storage:

1) Packaging: This product is packed in 50kg or 1000kg plastic drums.

2) Storage: Store in a cool and ventilated place.

3) Shelf life: 6 months.