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Zwitterionic polymer

Zwitterionic polymer

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1. Product Introduction

This product is a modified polymer product of amphoteric ion type, soluble in water, and the aqueous solution is weakly alkaline. This product is used as a drilling fluid treatment agent, with good filtration loss reduction, temperature resistance, salt resistance, and certain resistance to calcium and magnesium pollution. It also has good flocculation and coating effects, effectively controlling formation mud making, inhibiting clay and drilling cuttings dispersion, and can be compatible with anionic and cationic treatment agents.


2、 Main technical indicators:

Appearance: White fine particles

Active substance: ≥ 85%

Apparent viscosity: ≥ 15mpa. s (25 ℃ 1% aqueous solution)

PH value: 7.0-8.5


3.  Usage

This product can be used in both cationic water-based drilling fluid systems and anionic drilling fluids. This product can be directly added to the drilling fluid through a mixing funnel, but the addition speed should not be too fast to prevent the formation of micelles. It is recommended to prepare 1% -2% of the gel first, and then slowly add it to the drilling fluid.


4. Packaging and Storage

Packaging: This product is prone to moisture absorption and is packaged in a lined plastic bag with a moisture-resistant kraft paper bag.

Storage: Store in a cool, ventilated, and dry place to prevent moisture and rain.