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JH-616 Styrene Butadiene Latex

JH-616 Styrene Butadiene Latex

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1, Product introduction:

JH-616 styrene butadiene latex is a water-based butylbenzene copolymer latex, with impact resistance, wear-resistant performance and flexibility, used in the manufacture of sponge rubber, impregnated fibers and fabrics, transport belts, waterborne spray adhesive, chloroprene system, repair mortar, two-component ceramic tile adhesive backing, matting and self-leveling flooring lawn, but also can be used directly as a cement, gypsum, synthetic marble adhesive and other fields.


2, Main technical indicators:

Appearance: white emulsion

PH value: 6-9

Solid content: ≥46%


Average particle size: 0.15μm

Density: 1.01g/cm3


3, Feature:

1) Easy formula adjustment, excellent compatibility and constructability with cement plaster base.

2) Enhanced bonding performance and compression and flexural resistance, strong viscosity stability.


4, Usage:

It is a copolymer white emulsion polymerized from a variety of polymer monomers, with excellent stability and high adhesion and film-forming strength, impact resistance, wear-resistant properties and flexibility, etc., can be widely used in cement-based marble granite process, non-woven fabrics, carpets, transport belts, latex gloves, impregnated fibers and fabrics, waterborne spray adhesive, repair mortar, two-component tile adhesive backing, matting and self-leveling flooring, leather, Lawn, can also be used as oil wells, natural gas well cementing engineering and other industries.


5, Packing and storage:

1) Packing: The product is packed in 200kg, 1000kg plastic drums or transported by tanker truck;

2) Storage: Avoid freezing when storing, store in a cool place (0-40℃);

3) Shelf life: 6 months.